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Why raise money from Kitendo Capital? Kitendo Capital can help you with more than just money. The founders of the fund all have extensive experience in building successful companies. Kitendo Capital gives you access to an extensive network of companies, know-how and people that will be precious to your expansion. We will take an active role in the development of your enterprise and help you to grow your business.

What kind of projects or companies does Kitendo Capital invest in? You will find our investment criteria here

How to get funding from Kitendo Capital? First, make sure that your project / company fulfils our investment criteria. If that is the case feel free to submit your project by clicking here.

How long before I get an answer/investment? After submition we will get back in touch with you within one week. If succesfful all the way through you can expect to receive your investment within two months from the full business plan submition.

I work alone and have no team. Would you invest in me? We invest mainly in existing companies or start-ups with an existing team. We will, nonetheless, study your project.

We are a great team but have no project. Can you help us? Feel free to contact us – if you feel that you could make a successful contribution on the basis of our investment criteria. We may have ideas and suggestions for you.  

Would it be possible to sign a NDA before I disclose my idea?