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Among other things, many people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid:

  • Pay a poverty premium for their purchases
  • Are largely excluded from the general economy
  • Live in difficult environments

It is our ambition to make a contribution to improve this situation.

Market based solutions to these problems exit. It is our ambition to push those that can provide a fair return to our investors while improving the lives of numerous families. We believe that such long term approach will yield the right incentive to reach the scale necessary to provide our prospects investee the necessary capital and time they need and deserve.


Wealth creation in developing nations arises mostly from 4% of the population. These are entrepreneurs that are at the heart of these countries economic growth, job creation and innovation. They are the world greatest chance to improve the quality of life of communities around the world.

Our mission is to unleash their potential in a way that takes into consideration corporations’ social, environmental and financially impacts.